About Us

Rockets is based in a 10-year+ partnership in videogames localization, built by management and audio production professionals, playing in the videogame, educational and promotional markets since the late 90s.

We are a team of gamers, who managed and produced more than 250 videogame localization projects into ptBR, most of them AAA+; hundreds of educational audiobooks; in addition to advertising and corporate pieces.

We built our site in São Paulo, major Brazilian hub for video game localization, within the highest market standards for professional audio production with state-of-the-art equipment. We are ready to put the best quality into your project at any time.

Our active cast is a benchmark in the Brazilian dubbing, voice-over, and artistic direction market, with extensive experience in video game and promotional projects and native cast for language educational projects. We currently count on approximately 800 ptBR Brazilian voices countrywide plus native English, Spanish, French, Italian and German speakers for educational productions.

Rocket Audio’s security infrastructure is solid, with integrated systems and service flows optimized for each project.

We will make your project, unique!


We offer audio services for video game localization projects, educational foreign language learning projects, IVRs, answering systems, voice portals, as well as audio for promotional pieces.

Our services range from casting, talent acquisition, pre, recordings and postproduction to audio quality assurance. Services can be acquired all together as a ‘one-stop-shop’ solution or separately, as per each projects’ needs.

Project Management

+ Assets analysis
+ Quotation
+ Planning
+ Budget & Deadlines Managements
+ Production Follow Up
+ Project Delivery

Audio Production

+ Pre-Production
+ Casting Selection and Managent
+ Bookings
+ Recordings
+ Music Production
+ Sound Design
+ Post-Production

Translation (TEP)

+ Script Localization (TC, SS or LS)
+ Translation (Manuals and Ingame)
+ Transcreation (Promotional or Songs)
+ Glossary Building
+ Style Guide Creation
+ QA Check

Quality Control

+ QA Planning
+ Resources Allocation & Management
+ QA Reportings
+ Fixing Planning
+ Quality Approval


Here you can find some samples of projects that we have produced. Follow us here or in our social medias because there is a lot to come.